DCZia - A Badgelife Group

Originating somewhere around defcon 22, DCZia is a group organized around the concepts of skill teaching/learning and informal badge creation, with loose ties to New Mexico. DCZia welcomes both newcomers and experts alike. Check out our upcoming DefCon 26 badge, or see some of our past accomplishments. Proud holders of the DC DarkNet Defcon 25 Black Badge!

DCZia Badge 2018


  • 4x4 Grid of Keyswitches / RGB Leds to create a giant, interactive 16 pixel Key-Display
  • Gateron Blue Mechanical Keyswitches w/ 3D Printed Glow in the Dark Keycaps
  • Neopixel full RGB LEDs
  • Huge 0.91" 2 color OLED Display
  • Dual Core "Threadripper" ESP32 Microcontroller with Hyperthreading!
  • Powered by state of the art alkaline battery technology

Defcon 26 DCZia Board Assembly Guide and Shitty Addon Board Assembly

DCZIA 2018 Badge Assembly Instructions

(Main Board Build Instructions)

  • https://github.com/dczia/Defcon26-Badge/wiki
  • DCZIA Shitty Add on badge Assembly Instructions

    (Shape of zia, says DCZIA 2018 in silver on the badge)

  • https://github.com/dczia/dczia_sao_2018/wiki/Badge-Assembly-Instructions

  • History

    A Blast From The Past

    Pre-history: @toasty, @lithochasm, @jediguybob were each independently considering forming an informal group around the concepts of skill learning and badge creation.

    2014: @toasty, @lithochasm, @jediguybob, and @bitrunner working on a wifi packet forensics; @kexel introduces @gateherder to the group. Nameless group semi-organizes at the pestering of @hamster and @houdini. Various Shenanigans.
    ▪️Badge: Laserdisc

    2015: Group organized under Tilted Kuipers, but due to lack of communication, @tiltedkuipers is also used as a dcdarknet contest username. @tiltedkuipers and @kexel come in 3rd and __ in dcdarknet.
    ▪️Badge: PiBadge Mk1 - Raspberry Pi // 3.5” Full Color LCD – The first badge

    2016: Group renamed DCZia. @tiltedkuipers and @kexel sink to __ and __ in dcdarknet standings, get angry and depressed, and decide to “go big or go home” next year.
    ▪️Badge: PiBadge Mk2 - Raspberry Pi // 3.5” Full Color LCD // Custom Visuals from Beeple remixed by Lithochasm

    2017: @tiltedkuipers changes to @gateherder; @gateherder and @kexel take 1st and 3rd place in dcdarknet in their final year as agents.
    ▪️Badge: Mech Keyboard Badge - Mechanical Keys // 16x2 Character LCD // NeoPixel RGB LEDs // Arduino101 Microcontroller
    ▪️Badge: 2017 - DCZia Spinners - Red LED lit and non lit custom cut acrylic spinners.
    ▪️Badge: DCZia Lanyards - Black and Yellow, our first shot at lanyard design

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