@toasty, @lithochasm, @jediguybob threw around the idea of forming an informal group around the concepts of sharing knowledge, learning new skills, and creating a badge.
@toasty, @lithochasm, @jediguybob, and @bitrunnr competed in the DC network forensics challenge. @kexel introduces @gateherder to the group. Nameless group semi-organizes at the pestering of @hamster and @houdini. Various shenanigans ensue.

▪️ Badge: Laserdisc Badge (found laying on a table in the chill room. Worn around like a flava-flav clock by Lithochasm all con)
Group organized under Tilted Kuipers, but due to lack of communication, @tiltedkuipers is also used as a dcdarknet username. @tiltedkuipers and @kexel come in 3rd and 11th in dcdarknet.

▪️ Badge: PiBadge Mk1 - Raspberry Pi // 3.5” Full Color LCD – The first badge (Designed by LithoChasm, group built and refined by DCZia)
Group renamed DCZia. @tiltedkuipers and @kexel sink in dcdarknet standings, get angry and depressed, and decide to “go big or go home” next year.

▪️ Badge: PiBadge Mk2 - Raspberry Pi // 3.5” Full Color LCD // Custom Visuals from Beeple remixed by Lithochasm
@tiltedkuipers changes to @gateherder; @gateherder and @kexel take 1st and 3rd place in dcdarknet in their final year as agents.

▪️ Badge: Mech Keyboard Badge - 4 Mechanical Keys // 16x2 Character LCD // NeoPixel RGB LEDs // Acts as shield for an Arduino101
▪️ Additional swag: 2017 - DCZia Fidget Spinners - Red LED lit and non lit custom cut acrylic spinners.
▪️ Laynard: DCZia Lanyards - Black and Yellow, our first shot at lanyard design
▪️ Stickers: DCZia diecut Zia's
DCZia tackles their most ambitious badge design yet, and our first single pcb design. @gateherder and @kexel help with DCDarkNet this year. SAO's take over the world this year, and DCZia contributes numerous designs from @hamster, @jediguybob, @lithochasm, @gateherder and @kexel

▪️ Badge: 4x4 Mech keyboard badge. 16 backlit mechanical Gateron Blue keyswitches arranged in a grid. ESP32 microcontroller. OLED screen.
▪️ SAO's: Corgibutt, Pickle Rick, Shotbot, DCZia Zia, and around 50 others from @hamster ;)
▪️ Laynard: New Retro Lanyard - Yellow full color with lazer grid and mountians / sun in a sweet Outrun / New Retro style. Design by Lithochasm.
▪️ Stickers: DCZia 2018 "Outrun", DCZia "Wavy Lines", The Maze Isn't Meant for You
2019 // ZiaCon 0
DCZia hosted its first convetion in our hometown of Albuquerque!

▪️ Badge: Ziacon Skull Badge by Lithochasm // ATTiny with touchsense + LEDs
▪️ SAO's: @hamster gave a SAO design talk which morphed into one of his DC27 SAO's
▪️ Stickers: Ziacon 0 round and square designs by Luna, Ziacon Gadget Tin by WillyK
New year, new badge. Sound was our idea this year, so we created a synth badge.

▪️ Badge: Laser Theramin Badge
▪️ SAO's: Corgibutt V2, Buzz SAO by @hamster and more!
▪️ Laynard: Brown Magnetic Tape design by Luna, to match our Cassette themed badge.
▪️ Stickers: DCZia "Yellow Circuit", Circuit Chile, Zia Magnet, and more?